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Research and Acquisition

A specialized service that takes care of finding and acquiring high-level properties on behalf of clients. This service offers full support throughout the buying process, including property appraisal, negotiations with sellers, and management of legal and financial procedures.



Specialist support

A service aimed at assisting sellers during the entire process of selling a prestigious property. This service includes accurate property appraisals, advice on preparing the property for sale, effective marketing strategies, negotiation with prospective buyers and support in managing paperwork and legal matters.



Contact network

With in-depth knowledge of the market and an extensive network of specialist real estate agents and professionals, this service gives buyers and sellers of upscale properties a competitive edge. This service of knowledge and network of contacts in the luxury real estate market allows clients to access unique opportunities and to benefit from expert advice to obtain the best results in the high-end real estate sector.



Property management

A complete service that takes care of all the operational and administrative needs associated with the management of high-end properties. Comprehensive financial management, including management of rents, expenses and supplier payments. Thanks to this service, owners can enjoy the benefits of their luxury properties without having to worry about operational and administrative management.



Legal advice
and administrative

This service includes a wide range of activities, including legal advice for the sale of real estate, management of lease agreements, advice on real estate tax planning, dispute resolution and management of bureaucratic and administrative procedures. This service provides expert and professional guidance to deal with complex legal and administrative issues and achieve positive results in the real estate sector.



Market evaluation and analysis

A service to help clients make informed decisions about buying, selling or investing in real estate. This service includes detailed property appraisal, market price analysis, identification of real estate trends, as well as drafting reports and feasibility studies for real estate development projects.

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Francesca Ottati

Property Finder

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