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Welcome to Laurier

We were born and grew up as a multinational company in the field of international design. Thanks to Francesca Ottati's vision, the company focuses on real estate consultancy and property management, with operational offices in Milan, Rome, Las Palmas and Miami.

Benefit from our vision!

A portfolio of prestigious properties.

Our real estate consultancy activity can count on a vast network of international contacts, investors and a global network of business opportunities and collaborations especially in emerging markets. The Luxury Real Estate activity was born with a precise focus: the selection and marketing of prestigious properties.

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Private company
family run

The company has a single owner and is led by Francesca Ottati who is fully involved in our activities both at an operational and strategic level.

Via Macedonio Melloni 4

20129 Milan

Francesca Ottati

Property Finder

+39 392 400 7767

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